Who we are

We're here to help you become a stronger, healthier you.

Imran Khan (Founder)

TransformNow CBD is a sister company to TransformNow  which was launched in 2013 with a clear vision and commitment to improving the health and fitness of our clients. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, underpinned with over 20 years experience in the health sector both on a practical and academic level. 

We are constantly learning and developing and expanding our team, which includes academics, doctors and medical experts. And, with the launch of our unique high quality supplement range and legal CBD products we continue to develop and grow our brand while providing the same high quality specialised service.

We have been pioneers in many aspects, but we always follow our own motto feel better, move better and look better – while keeping our quality of service high and personalised.

TransformNow is also very proud to have won the UK Fitness Awards 2019 for Science and Innovation.

Products you can trust

TransformNow CBD is proud to be part of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) which represents quality, customer safety and transparency. The CTA work with the government, MHRA and regulatory bodies to ensure that the industry has practical guidance and is regulated in a fair manner.

This means that our products contain what is written on them, are lab tested and meet all government guidelines.

Our supplies, ingredients and raws are sourced from responsible producers and manufacturers ensuring the best quality and purity. The products are made in clinical sterile environments and not in untraceable facilities or from chemicals which may be detrimental to your health or illegal.

We comply with legislation being put into place to ensure that you know exactly what you  are buying and have peace of mind.

Partner with us

We are looking for partners to extend the reach of our products and offer wholesale, distribution and white labelling opportunities.  

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